The Process Dynamics and Operations Group of TU Dortmund is part of the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering. It comprises about 20 scientists. Besides educating the students in process dynamics, process control and optimisation, the group does research in advanced control methods and applications (especially economics optimising predictive control), in real-time optimisation, plant-wide and site-wide control and optimisation, demand side management, and optimisation-based process design. The group is involved in a number of European projects, mostly with the chemical industry. The group leader, Prof. Sebastian Engell successfully supervised more than 70 PhD students as the main supervisor and published more than 500 papers that are listed in Scopus. He is a Fellow of the International Federation of Automatic Control. 

Core Competence: Dynamic modelling, process control, real-time optimisation, optimisation under uncertainty, site-wide optimisation, economics optimising control


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Name of the main contact: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell

Position of the main contact: Group Leader, Full Professor

Contact [mail]: sebastian.engell(at)