The Guwahati Jal Board (GJB) was established as a single organisation responsible for Water Supply & Sewerage services to the residents of the Guwahati Metropolitan Area (GMA). Upon completion, the water supply facilities now under implementation will be taken over by the Guwahati Jal Board, which will be responsible for operating and maintaining them on a sustainable basis.

Mandate: To provide continuous and uninterrupted, hygienic, piped drinking water and to promote hygienic environment for public by removing and treating waste water and sewage in the Guwahati Metropolitan area.

Functions of the Board: The Board will plan, design, construct, maintain, operate & manage the Water Supply system and the sewerage and sewage treatment works in GMA. The Board will plan for, regulate and manage the exploitation of ground water. The Board will promote measures for conservation, recycling and reuse of water. The same legislation provides for the constitution of a Guwahati Water Regulatory Authority (GWRA) to oversee the activities of GJB, and with specific responsibilities for consumer protection and regulation of tariffs charged for water supply and sewerage services within Guwahati Metropolitan Area.

Core competence: Water distribution network design and operation

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Name of the main contact: S. Venkatesan

Position of the main contact: Managing director of Guwahati Metropolitan Water and Sewage Board