Current Situation:

  • Algal-based wastewater treatment has been confirmed as a suitable way to treat wastewater,
  • Algal-based wastewater treatment has mainly been experimentally investigated; therefore, the operating parameters are yet to be optimised.

Key aims for improving water quality for irrigation networks:

  • The new LOTUS sensor can be used in multi-stage algal-based waste-water treatment plants, monitoring in real time,
  • The LOTUS sensor can perform corrective actions to achieve the desired water purity and maximize product yield.

How LOTUS will improve Monitoring and Control of Algal-based Wastewater Treatment Plant:

  • The approach will rely on two main steps:
    • Validation of LOTUS sensor solution as a tool to monitor the level of contamination at the different stages of the depollution process,
    • Using the sensor as a tool to optimize the performance of the process, in terms of cost and depollution quality.

Outcomes of Use Case 5:

  • Algal-based wastewater treatment has a large potential, especially in small communities and for small production plants.