Current Situation:

  • In India, 80% of the total water is used for irrigation,
  • The water is supplied to the fields without any water quality testing, causing problems related to crop growth and human health,
  • Irrigation is increasingly performed through more advanced irrigation methods such as drip and sprinkler.

Key aims for improving water quality for irrigation networks:

  • Improve crop yield by improving – water quality for irrigation, fertilizers usage and stability of irrigation in the Jalgaon district (Maharashtra),

How LOTUS will improve water quality for irrigation networks:

  • LOTUS sensors will be used to provide information on the water quality from the different sources, optimizing water quality and quantity,
  • Measurement of the contamination type and levels will be taken before and after deployment of LOTUS solution and compared,
  • Various fertigation schedules validated in irrigation laboratories will be tested on field plots with different crops with and without LOTUS sensor.

Outcomes of Use Case 3:

  • The average land holding in India is 2.5 to 3 ha per water source, corresponding to a potential of 2.6 million solutions deployed.