Easy Global Market SAS is a French SME, providing scientific and engineering services for IoT market from sensors to data analytics using experience from about 24 international research projects as well as standardisation involvement in IoT since 2010. This extended knowledge in IoT value chain is completed by other international projects applied to vertical fields, such as in Smart Cities, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Smart Water Monitoring (H2020 PROTEUS : Delivering the new generation of sensors for rain & waste water, drink and waste water networks) but also in Aquaculture (H2020 WAZIUP: Design of a low-cost smart buoy for aquaculture field, integrating communications technologies and edge computing) where EGM is contributing to the whole chain from sensors deployment to Big Data.

EGM is strongly involved within the standardisation area and is making key contributions to the oneM2M initiative. It recently co-founded the Industry Specification Group on Context Information Management (ISG CIM) following up its involvement in the EU Flagship 500 M€ project FIWARE.

The first Innovation Radar Report reviewing the innovation potential of ICT projects funded under 7th Framework Programme and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, to demonstrate the economic impact of EU grant funding identified EGM as being the 7th EU most innovative SME.

Core Competence: from experience in Proteus project as well as other project EGM has got expertise in HW housing prototyping which also includes advanced communication technology (e.g. long distance, low energy) and energy management (Link with energy harvesting activity). EGM is also expert in advance network distributed architecture allowing distribution of intelligence to the gateways (management, deployment policies, containers..) and to the sensors (local prediction capability and actions (actuation)), as well as in network data models in line with state of the art water data model ( e.g. WaterML , SAREF ontologies, etc) and data analytics ( machine learning, IA).

Link to the website: www.eglobalmark.com

Name of the main contact: Franck Le Gall

Position of the main contact: CEO

Contact [mail]: Franck.le-gall(at)eglobalmark.com