Aaranyak is a frontline environmental organisation of India in the non-Government sector. Based at Guwahati (Assam), Aaranyak works all over the eastern Himalayan region on nature conservation, natural resources management, climate change, water resources management, disaster risk mitigation and livelihood enhancement of marginalised communities through research, education and advocacy. Established in the year 1989, the organisation has completed 25 years dedicating itself to the cause of environment conservation in the northeast region of India.

Aaranyak has about 100 full time scientists, researchers and project managers working from its Headquarters in Guwahati as well as its field offices in different parts of Assam. Aaranyak is a closely-knit team of environmental scientist, researchers, community workers, environment educators, livelihood experts, and legal and policy specialist. At present the organisation works both in programme and project modes through eight different divisions.

Aaranyak has successfully implemented more than a hundred sponsored projects with funding from both foreign and national agencies. The organisation has gained reputation for meticulous execution of funded research projects, action research initiatives and livelihood interventions, legal and policy advocacy in favour of conservation of flora, fauna and biodiversity and environmental justice of marginalised communities.

Aaranyak has been recognised as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) since 2007 by the Department of Scientific and Industrial research (DSIR), Government of India. Aaranyak is an institutional member of the National Board of Wildlife, Government of India and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Aaranyak has a dedicated Division called Water, Climate and Hazard (WATCH) Division, which works mainly on issues related to water resources management, climate change and disaster risk reduction. The programme is led by Dr. Partha J Das, an environmental scientist having expertise on issues related to water management and climate change. The WATCH Division specialises in action research activities related to water management and water and climate security. The WATCH Division has implemented more than 25 projects funded by state level, national and international donors and has published more than 25 publications.

Core Competence: dissemination of environmental awareness, imparting education on environment and development issues, advocating for best practices and policy reforms on major environmental issues

Link to the website: www.aaranyak.org

Name of the main contact: Dr. Partha Jyoti Das

Position of the main contact: Programme leader of the WATCH division

Contact [mail]: partha(at)aaranyak.org