After 5 years, the LOTUS project is coming to an end… But it is the start of a new adventure : the LOTUS solutions on the Indian market !

During 5 years, the LOTUS team has developed several solutions bringing them to a higher TRL and making them ready to enter the Indian market. Among these solutions we can mention the LOTUS sensor, an innovative multi-parameter water quality sensor, the LOTUS box, a data hub connecting the sensor to the IT systems using various data transmission protocols and the patented bypass structure which can be installed to protect the LOTUS sensor from fouling and abrasion in the water. To bring these solutions to the Indian market, an Indian start-up, Hydroscope was founded with the support from the University Gustave Eiffel in Paris and the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. The creation of Hydroscope and its manufacturing of the LOTUS solutions in lare quantities is marking the continuation of the LOTUS journey and is finally just the start of the LOTUS solutions’ adventure on the Indian market. Discover the Hydroscope Pitch in exclusivity in our latest video here.

A set of additional hardware and software solutions have been developed and will be further developed, used and marketed on the Indian market as a Fiware-based monitoring and leak detection platform for piped water distribution systems, a solar driven electro-chlorinator that continuously produces a chlorine solution which is used in the tankers to maintain the necessary chlorine level in the water of the tankers and a planning and scheduling software for the operation of fleets of water tankers. Find out more about these solutions and all the other ones in our project communication #18 and our final video, here.

We invite you to stay tuned on the Hydroscope website to follow the adventures of the LOTUS solutions on the Indian market: