Today, the LOTUS project and its 6 sister projects held a webinar entitled “Capacity building actions to promote sustainable wastewater treatment and drinking water management in India” as part of the EU Green 2023.

The webinar started with a keynote by Anshuman, TERI on “Enhacing stakeholders’ capacities and skills to facilitate zero water pollution in India”. This first session was followed by presentations of the related activities in each project showing the advancements, results and impact of the seven projects in terms of capacity building and skills.

In total, the seven projects have reached the following results:

  • 37 pilots for wastewater treatment were implemented in India
  • 7 pilots for drinking water treatment were conducted in India
  • 10 different monitoring and modelling tools were tested and used
  • 59 co-creation and training workshops were organised gathering 1 856 participants
  • 44 Bachelor and Master theses as well as 50 PhD students were involved

The activities in the LOTUS project were presented by Dr. Bérengère Lebental and Prof. Dr. Senthilmurugan Subbiah focused on the three following aspects:

  • The LOTUS sensor and its commercialisation throught the creation of a start-up, Hydroscope
  • The training of field service workers for managing water for irrigation
  • The training of Indian labor to use the water treatment units installed at the IIT Guwahati.

You can find the full LOTUS presentation here.