Today, the LOTUS team had its first joint review meeting with the European Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology of India. The event gathered all the EU-Indian projects funded under the same initiative: LOTUS, PANI Water, PAVITR and Saraswati 2.0 on the first day and INDIA-H20, PAVITRA GANGA and SPRING on the second day.

During this meeting, the LOTUS team presented the project, its major outcomes, achievements, activities, next steps, etc. and received very positive feedback from the EASME (Executive Agengy for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and the DST (Department of Science and Technology) reviewers:

EASME reviewer: “Thank you very much for the very interesting and clear presentation highlighting the project achievements. I’m impressed how you dealed with the challenges. The co-creation workshops were a very good way to consult the stakeholders demand for specific characteristics of the developed tools.”

DST reviewer: “Congratulations to the European and Indian group for the management of the project and its advancements. The LOTUS team has done a wonderful job.”

Congratulations to the whole LOTUS team !